Pampas Saxony/Pampas Twist 4m

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The Pampas Saxony Carpet Range has a great selection of colours available in a 2-ply flecked look, available in 4m.


Made of stain resistant polypropylene yarn, this carpet is easy clean and we recommend you clean up spills and dirt immediately, with a diluted bleach solution. Polypropylene is part of the next generation of materials used in carpets, with new manufacturing processes making it softer and luxurious under foot.


Available in Action Back and a felt backing, Pampas Saxony gives the buyer choice on whether or not they want to fit underlay. This makes this carpet a very cost effective solution, as a Felt backed carpet can be fitted without underlay. We would always recommend you fit an Action backed carpet with an underlay, as this can greatly enhance the lifetime, and comfort, of your flooring. A dense, high quality carpet underlay, such as 'Floorwise Supreme', can make your carpet last much longer and add bounce, comfort and softness!

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